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Background to the town Dwarskersbos

Dwarskersbos is a tiny village on the West Coast of South Africa.  It is approximately 11 kilometers North of Laaiplek and 34 kilometers South of Elands Bay.  The town was established in 1920 on the farm Dwarskersbos named after a West Coast shrub.

The town of Dwarskersbos has a long continuous beach, excellent for walking or jogging along the seaside.  If you are longing to live close to the nature in a place where you can find your soul again, then the Dwarskersbos area is your destiny.  You can wake up to the sound of breaking waves and seagulls' calls.  From time-to-time, you can greet the visiting whales when they raise their babies in the calm waters of St Helena Bay.

Dwarskersbos is proud to have a private pre- and primary school that caters for children from age two to grade 7.  The well-known Dwarskersbos Caravan Park is one of the icons of the town where strangers become friends and friends become family.  Dwarskersbos is one of the jewels on the West Coast and a holiday here forms part of the bucket list of many South Africans.  Once a visitor, you will always come back for more. 

Residential Areas in Dwarskersbos

Dwarskersbos consists currently out of four residential areas, named the "old" Dwarskersbos as people call it, then Kersbosstrand, Dolfynstrand and lately also Mosselstrand.  The original part ("old" Dwarskersbos) has 17 cul-de-sac streets South of the caravan park and five streets North of the caravan park. This area does not have any architectural guidelines to adhere to and therefore also no House Owner Association.  There are only a few vacant plots in the "old" area and property seldom becomes available for sale despite the fact that the demand for property is big.  Kersbosstrand and Dolfynstrand are developments to the North of the town and has definite architectural guidelines to create a typical West Coast character depicting white washed houses with charcoal coloured roofs.   Bloumosselstrand is the latest development and although architectural guidelines are applied, it differs vastly from that of Kersbosstrand and Dolfynstrand which gives you more diverse options of designing your dream home. 

Property for Sale in Dwarskersbos

Many plots are still vacant in the Kersbosstrand and Dolfynstrand areas as there are no time restrictions before construction must commence.   Several of these vacant erven are for sale, however, at the rate of development during the last five years, these vacant erven are becoming lesser at a swift rate.

 Admiral Island and Port Owen Estates, also trading as Sandveld Properties, have several properties for sale including vacant erven, plot-and-plan combinations, houses and apartments.  One of them will definitely meet your requirements or else we will search the market to find your desired property.  In case you want to sell your property, we will gladly assist you with it.  Challenge us on our motto: "To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity".

See you in Dwarskersbos!

Author: Dirk Blom

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